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Anonymous said: why do you love art?


Now that I have an essay due, this is as good a time to answer as any.

There are lots of reasons.

I study history, and art is an excellent means of studying the past. It is laced with societal norms, religious beliefs, symbolism, other art forms like literature and music, and sometimes politics. Some of my favorite movements created political controversy. Some of my favorites arose out of national pride, like you will find in many romantic paintings from the 19th century.

I enjoy looking at lovely things. I don’t think the point of art is to be aesthetically pleasing, but most of us enjoy something nice to look at. That is one of the reasons I am so drawn to Impressionism. At a very simplistic level, I enjoy studying the numerous hues and shades in a single area of a painting.

I guess, most importantly, it makes me happy to be alive. It makes me wonder, makes me appreciate things more, makes me question ideas. And I think that is very beneficial to me. When I wander around an old cathedral, when I study an enormous Monet painting, when I see a well-worn icon, I feel…oddly proud. Like, look what people can accomplish. Look at the things people can create. What wonderful things we can create if we choose to. There’s so much to learn, to see.

It just makes me happy—as simple as that.

But what I wanted to say is this: After the period of melancholy is over you will be stronger than before, you will recover your health, & you will find the scenery round you so beautiful that you will want nothing but paint. Vincent van Gogh (via countershine)

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